Month: May 2020

May 10 – Just A Little More

3:131 – Just A Little More #faithbites #faithjourney more Before we get started, I wanted to wish all mothers and mother figures a very happy Mother’s Day. God has blessed us with you. I would […] Read More

May 9 – They Are Lazy!

3:130 – They Are Lazy! #faithbites #faithjourney lazy Yesterday I posted a meme about shopping carts and the “obligation” to out them back when you are done. One person said they do it almost every […] Read More

Plant for tomorrow
May 8 – Be The Change You Want To See

3:129 – Be The Change You Want To See #faithbites #faithjourney change There is a lot of anger in the world. People killed for asking someone to wear a mask. Black American’s killed for jogging, […] Read More

May 7 – I Want To Be Happy

3:128 – I Want To Be Happy #faithbites #faithjourney Happy Today, I want to be happy. I can choose to let the craziness of the world get me down, or I can take a step […] Read More

Sit Back and Let God Work
May 6 – Jesus, Take The Wheel

3:127 – Jesus, Take The Wheel #faithbites #faithjourney wheel I’ve always been a fixer type person. When I see a challenge, I want to go in and make it right. It could be my problem […] Read More

Jesus Never Changes
May 5 – I Hope You Can Count On Me

3:126 – I Hope You Can Count On Me #faithbites #faithjourney count Are you reliable? Would your friends and coworkers answer the same way? Lately, I’ve been wondering if I am reliable. I have always […] Read More

Did You Cut The Wrong Cable? Take Responsibility
May 4 – Take Responsibility

3:125 – Take Responsibility #faithbites #faithjourney responsibility #MayTheFourth Yesterday, I explained the saga of no internet at our house. Today, we have it back. When the Metronet person came to fix it, I knew I […] Read More