Month: May 2020

May 3 – No Internet! Send Help!

3:124 – No Internet! Send Help! #faithbites #faithjourney Internet It’s been close to 36 hours without internet in the house. No tablets, no streaming music, no Alexa turning on the fan, no nothing. The natives […] Read More

May 2 – Dividing For Coverage

3:123 – Dividing For Coverage #faithbites #faithjourney dividing Have I confused you by the title? Normally we talk about multiplying for strength and to have strength in numbers. How can dividing give coverage? I was […] Read More

May 1 – Reach Out And (Don’t) Touch Someone

3:122 – Reach Out And (Don’t) Touch Someone #faithbites #faithjourney touch Do you remember the old ’80s AT&T commercials, that had the Diana Ross Song: Reach Out and Touch Someone. Reach Out and let them […] Read More