Month: August 2019

August 17 – Band of Brothers (and Sisters)

2:228 – Band of Brothers (and Sisters) #faithbites #faithjourney band Buddy, Pal, Friend, Aquantience, Best Friend. These are terms that we use to describe close friends. As my best friend use to say “Friends help […] Read More

August 16 – The Holy Spirit Is My Friend

2:227 – The Holy Spirit Is My Friend #faithbites #faithjourney spirit Much has been written about dreams. Their significance, their meaningless, their purpose in our lives. Whole they may seem random, for me, it’s a […] Read More

August 15 – What Is Your Divine Calling?

2:227 – What Is Your Divine Calling? #faithbites #faithjourney Divine There has probably been a time in your life where you wonder what your supposed to do. I know I do constantly. I have the […] Read More

August 14 – You Are Valuable

2:226 – You Are Valuable #faithbites #faithjourney valuable I’ve had a few events lately where I have felt in certain settings that I am not valuable. It’s not like someone said I wasn’t valuable, their […] Read More

August 13 – Owning Your Path

2:225 – Owning Your Path #faithbites #faithjourney owning I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy and what my passion is. I know many things make me happy but to say what […] Read More

August 12 – Setbacks Aren’t Permanent

2:224 – Setbacks Aren’t Permanent #faithbites #faithjourneyset setbacks We’ve all had a time in our lives when he hit a roadblock or a setback. It seems like all forward progress is lost and we are […] Read More

August 11 – Just Be There

2:223 – Just Be There #faithbites #faithjourney I’m a busy guy. Heck, we are all busy. On the weekends, I would love nothing more than to sleep in, do some take, play video games, and […] Read More