Month: August 2019

August 10 – Are you A Maximizer or A Satisficer?

2:222 – Are You A Maximizer Or A Satisficer #faithbites #faithjourney Satisficer Sometimes when you watch a TV show or a movie or just hits home. We were watching the last season The Big Bang […] Read More

August 9 – A Phone Call With God

2:221 – A Phone Call With God #faithbites #faithjournry Phone The 1989 movie, Dead Poet’s Society, is one of my favorites. One of my favorite scenes is toward the end when the students are in […] Read More

August 8 – I’m Still Searching and That’s Ok!

2:220 – I’m Still Searching And That’s Ok! #faithbites #faithjourney searching Today, I had the privilege of sharing my #faithjourney and my Jewish background with the Women’s Aid group at Church. We talked about everything […] Read More

August 7 – Ask For Help, Even If You Don’t Need It

2:219 – Ask For Help Even If You Don’t Need It #faithbites #faithjourney help When my eldest was younger, she cooked with me all the time, now, not so much. I didn’t need the help […] Read More

August 6 – You Matter! You Energy!

2:218 – You Matter! You Energy! #faithbites #faithjourney energy You Matter! Let me say that again: YOU MATTER. No matter who you are, what you have done, where you are from, YOU MATTER. Many of […] Read More

August 5 – You Will Get What You Deserve… Eventually

2:217 – You Will Get What You Deserve… Eventually #faithbites #faithjourney eventually You weren’t married long enough. You didn’t fill out the right form. Someone else is more qualified. You’re not eligible for this, that […] Read More

August 4 – Never A Bad Time For Prayer

2:216 – Never A Bad Time For Prayer #faithbites #faithjourney prayer We hear a lot about thoughts and prayers lately. There is never a bad time for prayer, no matter what. Today, we were dropping […] Read More