Month: August 2019

A brain lifting weights.
August 24 – Memories Are Powerful

2:236 – Memories Are Powerful #faithbites #faithjourney memories Today, I began downloading all of our Disney Pictures from the Disney Memory Maker. They had taken nearly 750 pictures of our trip. As I looked through […] Read More

August 23 – Too Tired To Listen

2:235 – Too Tired Too Listen #faithbites #faithjourney listen Have you ever been so tired that you can’t think straight? Today, my youngest had her first full day of kindergarten. When she got home, she […] Read More

August 22 You Will Get It Wrong

2:234 – You Will Get It Wrong #faithbites #faithjourney wrong Today, I facilitated several graduate assistants through microteaching. At the end of the sessions, I asked them what questions or fears they may have. A […] Read More

August 21 – Are Your Eyes Dilated?

2:233 – Are Your Eyes Dilated? #faithbites #faithjourney dilated Today, my youngest and I had our yearly eye appointments. We both had our eyes dilated. Let me tell you, that was fun with a five […] Read More

August 20 – Disowned

2:232 – Disowned #faithbites #faithjourney Disowned I was listening to our NPR station today and they has a story about Illinois State University. They said school has been on for two days, and already 3 […] Read More

August 19 – It’s Tiring to Wear A Mask

2:231 – It’s Tiring To Wear A Mask #faithbites #faithjourney tiring As a kid, I used to love Halloween. Dressing up and becoming someone else was great. I remember wearing those big masks. At first, […] Read More

August 18 – An Example Of…

2:230 – An Example Of…. #faithbites #faithbites example When you say who is a great example of a leader, who do you point to? A President, A manager, a boss? When someone asks who is […] Read More