1 Samuel

We All Need Allies
April 17 – Call Upon Your Allies

4:107 – Call Upon Your Allies #faithbites #faithjourney Allies Setting Yesterday we talked about putting on the whole armor of God before going into battle. God gives us more than his Armor, he gives us […] Read More

July 7 – Pretending Is Exhausting

3:189 – Pretending Is Exhausting #faithbites #faithjourney pretending Yesterday, we talked about how people may be sick or in pain but “look ok“. We also discussed how like sickness and pain, we are all commit […] Read More

August 21 – Are Your Eyes Dilated?

2:233 – Are Your Eyes Dilated? #faithbites #faithjourney dilated Today, my youngest and I had our yearly eye appointments. We both had our eyes dilated. Let me tell you, that was fun with a five […] Read More

August 19 – It’s Tiring to Wear A Mask

2:231 – It’s Tiring To Wear A Mask #faithbites #faithjourney tiring As a kid, I used to love Halloween. Dressing up and becoming someone else was great. I remember wearing those big masks. At first, […] Read More

November 27 – Are You A Misfit?

331 – Are You A Misfit? #faithbites #faithjourney misfit Tonight, as part of our annual tradition, my family sat down to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Every time before we watch it, I think of […] Read More

October 21 – Pictures: Memories or Fantasies

294 – Pictures: Memories or Fantasies #faithbites #faithjourney Fantasies Baptism is a beautiful thing. It’s a time when spirit is created in a heart. Today, we welcomed two young children into the Lord’s family. As […] Read More

September 26 – Are You A David or Goliath

269 – Are You A David or Goliath? #faithbites #faithjourney David Tonight my wife and I were watching a new season of Survivor. This seasons theme is David Vs Goliath. One tribe, David, was made […] Read More