A brain lifting weights.
August 24 – Memories Are Powerful

2:236 – Memories Are Powerful #faithbites #faithjourney memories Today, I began downloading all of our Disney Pictures from the Disney Memory Maker. They had taken nearly 750 pictures of our trip. As I looked through […] Read More

March 6 – What’s in Your Godhole?

2:65 – What’s in Your Godhole? #faithbites #faithjourney Godhole For those observing, may I wish you a blessed Ash Wednesday. The day when we remember we came from dust and will return to dust. We […] Read More

January 17 – Remembering and Memories

Todays Bible Lesson is one on remembering and memories. Since I heard of Grandma’s passing, after the initial period of regret, I began to remember all the times we had. Her constantly telling me she […] Read More