September 13 – Support Through The Mess

4:256 – Suppory Through The Mesa #faithbites #faithjourney support Setting Here is a shocker for you: I am not always right! I know, crazy. My life can be a total mess at tomes, and I”m […] Read More

Dust Off
August 30 – Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going!

4:242 – Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going! #faithbites #faithjourney dust Setting This morning I posted my disgust with myself about my behavior yesterday. I was angry, frustrated, and let it show. It was a […] Read More

August 25 – Body, Mind, and Spirit

4:238 – Body, Mind, and Spirit #faithbites #faithjourney body Setting Last night I asked for prayers for the shots I had today. One person replied that if I was hoping for healing, I should read […] Read More

One world
August 20 – One World, One People

4:232 – One World, One People #faithbites #faithjourney world Setting, In the past two days, I have learned about One Health, which is a multidisciplinary health practice that shows how human, animal and environmental health […] Read More

Are you making a list?
July 31 – Making a List

4:212 – Making a List #faithbites #faithjourney list Setting My mind is always racing. I’ve found making to-do lists helpful. The problem I have is for every one thing I cross off my list, I […] Read More

It's Your Turn
July 27 – It’s Your Turn

4:208 – It’s Your Turn #faithbites #faithjourney turn Setting For over four and a half years, I’ve been writing #faithbites daily. The structure has changed a bit, but it’s all been about me, my situation, […] Read More

Speak Up for your needs
June 21 – Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

4:172 – Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace #faithbites #faithjourney speak Setting A common refrain at weddings is, “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”. This is usually said right before the preacher confirms […] Read More