June 6 – The Audience

#157of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney The Audience On Friday I was at a medical education conference. The theme of the conference was preparing clinicians, residents, and faculty to be better teachers. This is right up my alley. […] Read More

March 15 – Transformation Part II

Today’s lesson continues our discussion about the transformation from Sol to Paul. After I posted about how we can all be a witness and become an apostle, a friend said knowing my #faithjourney made the story […] Read More

February 24 – Impact

Today’s lesson in one on impact. How those little moments can change someone’s day, outlook, and ultimately their life. I wrote yesterday about my experience as a tall, strong, able-bodied man becoming very physically disabled for a […] Read More

February 7 – The Others

Today’s lesson is about how we treat others. Many of you know I love science fiction. I was watching a Phillip K Dick’s Electric Dreams episode entitled (K.A.O) or Kill All Others. It was set […] Read More