Speak Up Step Up
May 24 – Speak Your Mind

4:144 – Speak Your Mind #faithbites #faithjourney speak Setting If you are reading this, then you know I am not a quiet person. I speak my mind, wear my heart on my sleeve, and usually, […] Read More

Are you out of control?
Aug 8 – I Don’t Have Control

3:222 – I Don’t Have Control #faithbites #faithjourney control Setting “Are the kids going to school online or in-person?” “What is going on with my job?” “What is going on with this virus?” “I don’t […] Read More

There is a season
July 27 – For Every Season

  3:209 – For Every Season #faithbites #faithjourney season Setting Today was a long hard day. Physically demanding with getting new to me furniture, mentally draining by changing my whole office (that goes to my […] Read More

January 29 – Will You Please Help Me?

2:29 – Will You Please Help Me? #faithbites #faithjourney help We all want to think that people will be there when we need help. At the same time, it is hard to ask for the […] Read More