2 Corinthians

December 25 – New Birth, New Life

4:359 – New Birth, New Life #faithbites #faithjourney birth Setting Merry Christmas, everyone. What an amazing day. I pray you all have had a wonderful and blessed day. Today, my new nephew was born. Mom, […] Read More

November 17 – I’m Awesome AND Messed Up

4:321 – I’m Awesome AND Messed Up #faithbites #faithjourney messed Setting I often tell how messed up I am. When people compliment me, I deflect and either compliment them or say all the things that […] Read More

The past is in the past
October 27 – The Past is the Past

4:300 – The Past is the Past #faithbites #faithjourney past Setting There are many moments in my life that I look back on and wonder what the heck was I thinking. An example was when […] Read More

October 10 – Art is a Reflection of the Artist

4:286 – Art is a Reflection of the Artist #faithbites #faithjourney art Setting i was paitning a few of my 3D prints this morning before church. As I was painting, I was getting mad at […] Read More

Wishful thinking or hope?
August 12 – I’m The King of Wishful Thinking

2:224 – I’m The King Of Wishful Thinking #faithbites #faithjourney wishful Setting i woke up sad this morning. Actually, I went to bed sad and woke up sad. I had a few people let me […] Read More

How do we choose?
August 3 – God Gives Choices, You Need to Choose!

4:215 – God Gives Choices, You Need To Choose! #faithbites #faithjourney choices Setting They say be careful what you wish for as you may just get it. Right now, I’m in a land of possibilities. […] Read More

Knowing Where You Stand With God
July 26 – Knowing Where You Stand

4:207 – Knowing Where You Stand #faithbites #faithjourney knowing Setting Do you ever wonder where you stand with someone? Are they telling you the truth? Do you have the same expectations? Today I had a […] Read More