Month: May 2022

What's Next? New Goals
5/17 – What’s Next?

5:137 – What’s Next? #faithbites #faithjourney next Intro I started at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine five years ago and made two goals. The first was to see the first Match Day and the […] Read More

Faith is a single step
5/16 – Faith is a single step

5:136 – Faith is a single step #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite single Intro During commencement, our keynote speaker shared a quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr that touched me and made me think. Dr. King […] Read More

5/15 – A doctor cares, heals, and makes change

5:135 – A doctor cares, heals, and makes change #faithbites #faithjourney #CarleIllinois doctor Intro Today was the first commencement for the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. What started as a dream over 8 years ago, […] Read More

5/14 – Get outside

5:134 – Get Outside #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite get Intro Today, I took several kids to the Sugar Grove Nature preserve. They played in the creek, Spock too, ran around, and were just enjoying God’s creation. […] Read More

Verse or message.
5/13 – Is it the verse or the message?

5:133 – Is it the verse of the message? #faithbites #faithjourney verse Intro Did you know there are over 118 different English Language Bible Translations? 118! That doesn’t include international translations or partial translations. That […] Read More

Signs signs everywhere signs
5/12 – The Signs are everywhere

5:132 – The Signs are everywhere #faithbites #faithjourney signs Intro If you ask my older brother, he will tell you that when I was younger, I wasn’t a big music fan. I just didn’t get […] Read More

Tomorrow is crazy
5/11 – What if tomorrow sucks?

5:131 – What if tomorrow sucks? #faithbites #faithjourney tomorrow. Intro What if tomorrow is terrible? Maybe it will rain on your wedding day (thanks Alanis) or it will be 120 degrees for your picnic. What […] Read More