Month: January 2022

January 10 – Stop Fighting and Listen

5:10 – Stop Fighting and Listen #faithbites #faithjourney fighting Intro Most pparents with multiple children have said the following at least one time, “Stop fighting and listen.” I don’t know what’s in the air but […] Read More

January 9 – God Reminds You

5:9 – God Reminds You #faithbites #faithjourney reminds Intro I was just about asleep when I realized I hadn’t written my #faithbites today. I almost allowed myself to just go to sleep, but I figured, […] Read More

Customer Service is Important
January 8 – Customer Service Matters

5:8 – Customer Service Matters #faithbites #faithjourney customer Intro Fair warning, this #faithbites might be a little snarkier than normal as I’m ticked off. One of my pet peeves is when I don’t receive good […] Read More

Recognition is Ok
January 7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right

5:7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right #faithbites #faithjourney noticed Intro If you talk about the five love languages, one of mine is appreciation. I like to know that what I do matters and […] Read More

January 6 – Recognize Authority

5:6 – Recognize Authority #faithbites #faithjourney recognize Intro Yesterday we talked about following God’s laws and following God. Today, we are going a bit deeper to talk about authority. Just as we don’t like laws […] Read More

January 5 – Without A Leader, We Run Rogue

5:5 – Without A Leader, We Run Rogue #faithbites #faithjourney leader Introduction Most of us don’t want someone to tell us what to do. I can relate. Bering free to do whatever you can can […] Read More

Your Job Doesn't Define You
January 5 – Back To The Job Or Back To Work?

5:5 – Back To The Job Or Back To Work? #faithbites #faithjourney job Intro Tomorrow is my first day back at work since December 17. It’s been a long couple of weeks between Christmas, New […] Read More