What is the meaning of the Bible?
November 30 – The Meaning Behind The Words

4:334 – The Meaning Behind The Words

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We all know words have power. They can build up nations and destroy relationships. The words we choose can be daggers in the heart or comfort the soul. Have you ever wondered if you are getting the meeting that someone intended? I just had this discussion with a friend of mine. I phrased it as the words behind the words. An easy example is when someone constantly says they are tired. While they may be physically tired (need sleep), usually it means they are exhausted and that can be physically, spiritually, or emotionally. When someone says they want space, you may interpret it as they don’t like you. In fact, it could be they just need personal brain rest and it has nothing to do with you.

There are lots of ways that we can miss the meaning. Let’s think about this in terms of our faith as we ask today’s questions.

  • What is the meaning of the Bible?
  • How should we use God’s words to impact how we live our lives?
  • James 2:10 – For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.
  • John 1:29 – The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

In the past, we said that you have to read the whole Bible to understand the true meaning of God’s word. Our selected scriptures tell us that the Bible has two main parts. The first is that if you can’t keep all of the law, you are guilty of breaking all of it. That means that while we do our best, we fall short of the glory of God. If that was all the Bible was, ala we are bad and evil, then it would be gloom and despair. Our second verse, says that Jesus came to take away the sins of the world. In that one sentence, we see Jesus as God, God loving us and knowing that we needed our sins taken away. We also get forgiveness in that passage.

The Bible isn’t about doom, destruction, persecution, hatred, and sin. Yes, that does exist in parts of the Bible, but the true meaning, the meaning that is intended is that we need Jesus to forgive our sins and help us on the path that God set for us. A path that will help us, never harm us and lead us to salvation. (Jeremiah 29:11)

As we close, be it in our faith life or our interactions with others, seek the true meaning of what is being said. The message beneath the words. Let’s not make judgments based on our surface reading.


Father God, thank you for showing us the true meaning of Your Word. Help us to always seek the truth and find out what people mean before we react. It is hard for us to do it, but we pray that you give us the guidance and patience to look deep before we react. Lord, when we fail at this, we ask your forgiveness. Take away our angry and sin. Help us to be better about thinking, feeling, then reacting. We pray all this in your name, Amen.

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