June 23 – Being For Jesus Doesn’t Mean You Are Against Others
3:173 – Being For Jesus Doesn’t Mean You Are Against Others

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The word I have been using to describe our world is nuance or lack there of. If you say you like something, like the president, then you are evil and a racist. If you like Joe Biden, then you are for a police state. Another example, if you are for Black Equality then you are against all police. If I said I like chocolate icecream, someone would say, I’m against all other ice cream and they should be banned.

We live in a world of mostly gray areas. I can like one thing and not like something else. We can like multiple things. I can say I love Jesus and that doesn’t mean I hate Jewish people,Muslims, or worshippers of other faiths. We need to learn that there is nuance in daily life.

The one place where it’s pretty clear, is the identity of Christ. We can love in the gray for almost all things except this.

  • Matthew 12:30 – “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.

I started this faithbite this morning. Since then I have been told that my side has to win and if my side wins it means death to someone else. This is what is wrong with our society. We need to see the nuance and see the middle.

With Jesus, he is the one way. There is no middle ground. He is the way, the truth, and the life. If we aren’t supporting Jesus, we are against him.

Our job is to share him with each other. While there is no middle ground with Jesus, there is a middle ground in most things. We need to see how we can listen, understand, and share. The one absolute is Jesus.


Here are two tonight. The first make sure there is no middle ground with Jesus. That you have dedicated your life to him. That you will listen to his word and make the most of your days here worshiping him. The second, is to find someone you disagree with and listen. You don’t have to agree but listening to what they are saying and why without going to extremes.


Father God, thank you for your Son. Thank you for being the one and only true God. Help us to listen and relate to each other. Remind us that in most things it isn’t black or white. That there are gray areas and middle ground. We don’t have to assume one thing without asking. We ask for your help and guidance in this and all things, Amen.

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