Month: May 2019

May 24 – Should We Fear or Welcome The Unknown?

2:144 – Should We Fear Or Welcome The Unknown? #faithbites #faithjourney unknown Most of us have had this experience: You go to the doctor expecting one thing and they said it might be something else. […] Read More

May 23 – I Am A Promise

2:143 – I Am A Promise #faithbites #faithjourney promise Tonight was my youngest’s graduation from preschool. It was a great chance to see how they’ve progressed over the past two years. We are very grateful […] Read More

May 22 – The Greatest American Hero

2:142 – The Greatest American Hero #faithbites #faithjourney hero One of my favorite TV shows growing up was The Greatest American Hero. My family gathered to watch it every week. It’s about a run of […] Read More

May 21 – Knowing God Knows Helps, But I Want To Know Too

2:141 – Knowing God Knows Helps, But I want to Know Too. #faithbites #faithjourney know Today, I am frustrated. I’m in pain from kidney stones, behind at work, behind at home, and the kids aren’t […] Read More

May 20 – The Proof Is There If You Just Look.

2:140 – The Proof Is There If You Just Look #faithbites #faithjourney proof It’s hard to believe things when you don’t see them for yourself. It takes real effort to deny it when the proof […] Read More

May 19 – Is This What The Author Intended?

2:139 – Is This What The Author Intended? #faithbites #faithjourney author #GoT Tonight wraps 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. There has been twists, turns, blood, gore, treachery, faith, demons, resurrections, loyalty, and lots of […] Read More

May 18 – Daddy Snuggle

2:138 – Daddy Snuggles #faithbites #faithjourney snuggle Tonight was family movie night. My youngest wanted to snuggle me. Next thing I knew, she was asleep on me with her arms on top of mine. Every […] Read More