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many rooms
4/11 – Many rooms. Go where you are loved

5:101 – Many rooms. Go where you are loved. #faithbites #faithjourney rooms Intro Be it our jobs, our relationships, our churches, or any other association we have, there are times when we don’t feel supported, […] Read More

4/10 – The human side of church

5:100 – The human side of church #faithbites #faithjourney human Intro I love God and have a strong and evolving faith. This post may rub some people the wrong way and I apologize. The other […] Read More

Lift others up
4/8 – Use your voice to lift others up

5:98 – Use your voice to Lift others up #faithbites #faithjourney lift Intro Some things get under my craw. When people don’t help others out, especially when it is at no cost to them, it […] Read More

4/7 – God has this covered

5:97 – God has this covered #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite God Intro Today was a bad pain day. Started out OK, then became debilitating. So blessed for friends to step up and help with the kids. […] Read More

Pain leads to recovery
4/6 – From pain comes recovery and peace

5:96 – From pain comes recovery and peace #faithbites #faithjourney recovery Intro Many of you have been flowing my #painjourney for nearly three years. Today, I started another round of physical therapy. It was just […] Read More

4/4 – Happy Birthday

5:94 – Happy Birthday #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite birthday Thank you all for the birthday wishes. This has been a pretty good day. Hundreds of wishes, coffee, great presents, great family, and just a day to […] Read More

Love the unbeliever
4/2 – You don’t believe in God?

5:92 – You don’t believe in God? #faithbites #faithjourney believe Intro During lunch, today, my youngest and one of her friends had a conversation. My youngest said to her friend, “You don’t believe in God?” […] Read More