Let the tears flow
May 27 – Tears Are A Gift

4:147 – Tears Are A Gift #faithbites #faithjourney tears Settings Real men don’t cry. Suck it up. It’s not that bad. These are things that are said when people cry. I have been sad but […] Read More

April 19 – How I Do I Learn The Whole Story?

4:109 – How Do I Learn the Whole Story? #faithbites #faithjourney whole Setting As you may know, everyone learns a bit differently. Some like to watch videos while others read. Some want lectures and others […] Read More

Holy Saturday
April 3 – Mourning, Waiting – Holy Saturday

4:93 – Mourning, Waiting – Holy Saturday #faithbites #faithjourney mourning Setting As we continue Holy Week, we get to the day that I think is the hardest, Holy Saturday. We talked about the meaning of […] Read More

Unseen Burdens
Nov 20 – Things Unseen

3:324 – Things Unseen #faithbites #faithjourney unseen Setting Most people would look at me and say I look fine. Today, I did what I needed to, said hi to people, and tried to do what […] Read More

Aug 18 – Furbabies

3:231 – Furbabies #faithbites #faithjourney furbabies Setting We’re going to take a bit of a break from the very serious topics and talk about one that most of us can agree on: our furbabies. Be […] Read More

Aug 14 – Hello, Friend

3:227 – Hello, Friend #faithbites #faithjourney hello Setting I knew I wanted to write about friendship today but was coming up empty. I’m a little emotionally drained as it’s been a long week. Today was […] Read More

God Plans
Aug 10 – God Plans, We Choose Our Response

3:223 – God Plans, We Choose Our Response #faithbites #faithjourney choose Setting I often hear that it’s God’s plan for x,y,z. God made the storm. He made the virus. He will protect me. God is […] Read More