3/18 – A restorative experience

5:77 – A restorative experience #faithbites #faithjourney #matchday restorative Intro Today was national medical school match day and the first for our college. This is the day when graduating med studentsfrom around the country find […] Read More

2/1 – God Will Do Anything For Love, But He Won’t Do that!

5:32 – God Will Do Anything For Love, But He Won’t Do That #faithbites #faithjourney #Meatloaf anything Intro We rrently lost Meat Loaf and I was listening to one of his most famous songs, I […] Read More

No matter what you've done in life, God is so happy when you come home into His arms. He wants you
Feb 26 – Return To The Lord

3:57 – Return To The Lord #faithbites #faithjourney #AshWednesday #Lent Return Today is Ash Wednesday. This is a day when we reflect on being sinners and how we are saved by the cross, by Jesus. […] Read More

August 2 – Being A Dreamer Can Be Hard

2:214 – Being A Dreamer Can Be Hard #faithbites #faithjourney dreamer The past few days, I’ve been feeling that I’m not doing what I’m supposed to. Sure, I like my job, but don’t love it. […] Read More

February 8 – We Can Overcome Trauma

2:39 – We Can Overcome Trauma #faithbites #faithjourney trauma A smell, a sound, a phrase, or even a subject can bring long forgotten or seldom talked about traumatic events to the surface. Things that happened […] Read More

May 22 – The Pendulum

#142of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney The Pendulum A clock is something we are all familiar with. The hands, the numbers, the ticking, it makes us think of things we have to do, things we did, future opportunities […] Read More

May 10 – My Plans or His Plans

#130of365 #Faithbites #FaithJourney My Plans or His Plans Today, like most days, I woke up, got showered, dressed, made lunches, dropped my daughter off at school and headed to work. I know, pretty mundane. 10 […] Read More