Are you making a list?
July 31 – Making a List

4:212 – Making a List #faithbites #faithjourney list Setting My mind is always racing. I’ve found making to-do lists helpful. The problem I have is for every one thing I cross off my list, I […] Read More

When God is In Control Nothing is out of control
July 17 – Taking Control Vs Giving It To God

4:198 – Taking Control Vs Giving It To God #faithbites #faithjourney control Setting Tomorrow I will start that diet. Tomorrow I will clean the house and get a better schedule. My health is important, I’m […] Read More

prayers for healing
June 24 – Pray for Healing

4:175 – Pray for Healing #faithbites #faithjourney healing Setting We all experience pain. It may be mental, physical, spiritual, financial, or a combination of them. When we are in pain, it just sucks. No other […] Read More

June 3 – Carry His Word On You

4:154 –  Carry His Word On You #faithbites #faithjourney word Setting Yesterday, while getting on a dolphin cruise, I noticed one of the crew had Romans 8:18 tattooed on her arm. While I’m learning the […] Read More

Let the tears flow
May 27 – Tears Are A Gift

4:147 – Tears Are A Gift #faithbites #faithjourney tears Settings Real men don’t cry. Suck it up. It’s not that bad. These are things that are said when people cry. I have been sad but […] Read More

God Returns All Messeages
May 10 – God Returns All Messages

4:130 – God Returns All Messages #faithbites #faithjourney returns Setting Have you ever sent a text message and never gotten a reply? You know the person got it and they may say something about it […] Read More

March 18 – Abnormal? We All Are!

4:77 – Abnormal? We All Are! #faithbites #faithjourney Abnormal Setting Sometimes I feel abnormal. I don’t know what normal feels like but sometimes I don’t think I am normal. When I posted about this on […] Read More