April 30 – My God, My Jesus

5:120 – My God, My Jesus #faithbites #faithjourney God Intro This #faithbites has been ruminating in my mind for a while. I hear so much hate towards Christians, especially conservative Christians. So much disdain for […] Read More

Footprints in the sand
4/28 – Footprints in the sand

5:118 – Footprints in the sand #faithbites #faithjourney footprints Intro It’s been raining a lot here in Bloomington. I can see tracks through my yard and know exactly where my kids and dog have been. […] Read More

What would your reference say about you?
4/25 – Reference Check

5:115 – Reference Check #faithbites #faithjourney reference Intro This afternoon, I was conducting reference checks for potential hires at work. A reference check is interesting and awkward at times depending on the questions and the […] Read More

4/24 – Flavors of Faith

5:114 – Flavors of Faith #faithbites #faithjourney flavors Intro Ive bbeen thinking a lot about faith as many of my friends and family have been wrestling with God and struggling with their faith. The struggle […] Read More

Your impact matters
4/22 – You have an unseen impact. Don’t Stop

5:112 – You have an unseen impact. Don’t stop. #faithbites #faithjourney impact Intro The other day we were watching 9-1-1. The episode had several conversations where the firefighters and EMTs wondered about the people they […] Read More

Stuck in the past
4/21 – Are you stuck in the past?

5:111 – Are you stuck in the past? #faithbites #faithjourney stuck Intro I was watching Star Trek today, and Q had a great line, “Humans are always stuck in the past”. Now with Star Trek, […] Read More

Best Friend definition
4/18 – The best friendships defy explanation

5:109 – The best friendships defy explanation #faithbites #faithjourney friendships Intro Most of you know I’m a pretty personable guy and get along with most. While I’ve shared it here before, I have many acquaintances, […] Read More