August 29 – Just Keep Swimming…for Now!

4:241 – Just Keep Swimming…for Now #faithbite #faithjourney keep Setting If ypucr ever watched “Finding Nemo”, you know that Dory says, when life gets hard or your scared, “Just Keep on Swimming.” That is how […] Read More

We are more than our pain
August 18 – Pain Sucks! We Can Overcome

4:230 – Pain Sucks! We Can Overcome It #faithbites #faithjourney sucks Setting Let’s face it, being in pain just sucks. Chronic pain sucks even more. I’m almost at two and a half years of living […] Read More

Wishful thinking or hope?
August 12 – I’m The King of Wishful Thinking

2:224 – I’m The King Of Wishful Thinking #faithbites #faithjourney wishful Setting i woke up sad this morning. Actually, I went to bed sad and woke up sad. I had a few people let me […] Read More

We don't need to be perfect to love and share God
August 8 -Perfection Isn’t Required

4:220 – Perfection Isn’t Required #faithbites #faithjourney perfection Setting Yesterday was a bad 3D print day. Almost everything I printed failed. I was down on myself because I wasn’t getting it right. I even tried […] Read More

Faith Leads to Understanding
June 26 – Pray for Understanding

4:177 – Pray for Understanding #faithbites #faithjourney understanding Setting A couple of days ago when I wrote #faithbites, I wasn’t planning on writing a series on prayer, but God works in his way. We started […] Read More

Circle of Emotions
June 17 – The Circle of Life Leads To A Circle of Emotions!

4:168 – The Circle of Life Leads To a Circle of Emotions #faithbites #faithjourney circle Setting What a crazy few weeks this has been. My mum passed away, my daughter’s birthday, Father’s Day, and remembering […] Read More

Let the tears flow
May 27 – Tears Are A Gift

4:147 – Tears Are A Gift #faithbites #faithjourney tears Settings Real men don’t cry. Suck it up. It’s not that bad. These are things that are said when people cry. I have been sad but […] Read More