October 11 – Honey or Vinegar?

4:287 – Honey or Vinegar? #faithbites #faithjourney honey Setting Yesterday at girl scouts, we were talking sbout honey and bees. We even talked avout honey in tea, on cornbread, and on strawberries. It made my […] Read More

Drink in Life
October 1 – Drink or Drink It In?

4:274 – Drink or Drink It In? #faithbites #faithjourney drink Setting I was talking to a friend about the struggles we have going on but all the goodness that is happening. I said I am […] Read More

September 25 – Do Right, When Others Do Wrong!

4:268 – Doing Right, When Others Do Wrong #faithbites #faithjourney right Setting As members of a society we have rules to keep us safe so we can live in peace. We can’t choose what rules […] Read More

September 18 – Stop Complaining, Start Changing

4:261 – Stop Complaining, Start Changing #faithbites #faithjournet complaining Setting I was talking to a friend today about thing we dont like and the atmosphere around a place spend time in. We had a lot […] Read More

Dust Off
August 30 – Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going!

4:242 – Dust Yourself Off and Keep Going! #faithbites #faithjourney dust Setting This morning I posted my disgust with myself about my behavior yesterday. I was angry, frustrated, and let it show. It was a […] Read More

We Need to Think!
August 21 – Take and Make Time To Think

4:233 – Take and Make Time to Think #faithbites #faithjourney think Scripture One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m talking and someone interrupts me. It ticks me off as I’m in mid-thought and […] Read More

August 14 – Selling Your Possessions

4:226 – Selling Your Possessions #faithbites.#faithjourney selling Setting Yesterday, I told you how my wife’s grandmother was helping us clean house. One side effect of cleaning is getting rid of all the clutter you find. […] Read More