Anticipation is good
2/12 – Anticipation and Reactions

5:43 – Anticipation and Reactions #faithbites #faithjourney Anticipation Intro Anticipation has set in at the Roberts-Lieb household. In 12 hours, we will be on a plane for vacation and we are excited. Maybe it’s because […] Read More

Angry, Upset, Broken, Forgiven
2/8 – Angry, Upset, Broken, Confused. Forgiven

2:39 – Angry, Upset, Broken, Confused. Forgiven #faithbites #faithjourney upset Intro I described my feelings today as raw. Raw means I’m angry, upset, broken, and confused. It has been a crazy day and I think […] Read More

January 25 – Walk Away and Regroup

5:25 – Walk Away and Regroup #faithbites #faithjourney walk Intro Parenting iis hard. I’ve made mistakes. More times than I care to count. One thing I have learned, or should say learning, is how to […] Read More

Expectations Too Great
January 23 – Great Expectations

5:23 – Great Expectations #faithbites #faithjourney expectations Intro If you ask what my greatest fault is, I would say I have two. One is I am too nice and let people walk on me and […] Read More

Change Your Response
January 11 – Change Your Response, Change The Outcome

5:11 – Change Your Response, Change The Outcome #faithbites #faithjourney response Intro “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” While some attribute that quotation […] Read More

January 6 – Recognize Authority

5:6 – Recognize Authority #faithbites #faithjourney recognize Intro Yesterday we talked about following God’s laws and following God. Today, we are going a bit deeper to talk about authority. Just as we don’t like laws […] Read More

Festivus and grievances
December 23 – Festivus For The Rest Of Us?

4:357 – Festivus For The Rest Of Us #faithbites #faithjourney Festivus Setting Happy December 23 or as they celebrate in Seinfeld, Festivus. It’s a holiday created for the show that snubs its nose at the […] Read More