1 Timothy

Jan 18 – We Are All Teachers

3:18 – We Are All Teachers #faithbites #faithjourney teachers Today I helped a mom learn how we sell girl scout cookies today. Then my youngest and I built her first Lego set. Now I’m trying […] Read More

Dec 6 – Sincerity Matters

2:340 – Sincerity Matters #faithbites #faithjourney sincerity Today is one of those days when your child just doesnt listen. My little one has been arguing all day and doing the opposite of what she’s been […] Read More

Are you ready to Reform? Reformation Sunday
Oct 27 – Are You Ready To Reform?

2:300 – Are You Ready To Reform? #faithbites #faithjourney reform Today is a special day in the Lutheran Church. It’s Reformation Sunday. This is the day when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the […] Read More

Oct 20 – Life Can Be Simple

2:293 – Life Can Be Simple #faithbites #faithjourney simple Today, we started a new girl scout troop for kindergartners. I asked them what they like to do. Most answered “I like to play” and “I […] Read More

August 11 – Just Be There

2:223 – Just Be There #faithbites #faithjourney I’m a busy guy. Heck, we are all busy. On the weekends, I would love nothing more than to sleep in, do some take, play video games, and […] Read More

July 7 – Are You An Advocate?

2:188 – Are You An Advocate? #faithbites #faithjourney advocate What does it mean to be an advocate? The simplest definition is someone who fights on behalf of someone else. I try to fight for others […] Read More

June 20 – Arsenokoitai: What’s A Translation Matter?

2:170 – Arsenokoitai: What’s A Translation Matter #faithbites #faithjourney Arsenokoitai Prelude Before we get started today, I wanted to give a couple of warnings. This #faithbite may offend as it will get deep into different […] Read More