1 Thessalonians

keep talking
Aug 28 – I Miss Talking To You

3:241 – I Miss Talking To You #faithbites #faithjourney talking Today I was running a bit late to pick up the kids from school. When I got there, the principal asked how I was and […] Read More

May 30 – Are you Hiding In Your Headphones?

3:151 – Are You Hiding In Your Headphones? #faithbites #faithjourney headphones One of my favorite groups is Reel Big Fish. They have a funny song called, “Hiding In My Headphones“. The song is about ignoring […] Read More

Apr 2 – We Need Structure

3:93 – We Need Structure. #faithbites #faithjourney structure When you wake up at 3:00 am to take the dog out, you mind wanders a bit. I started thinking about the structure of our daily #faithbites […] Read More

Mar 24 – Am I Out Of Prayers For The Day?

3:84 – Am I Out of Prayers For The Day? #faithbites #faithjourney prayers I often wonder if I’m the only parent who needs a break from their children. It seems as if the “Daddy, daddy, […] Read More

Mar 21 – What Have You Gained?

3:81 – What Have You Gained? #faithbites #faithjourney #COVID-19 #quarantinebucketlist #FamilyFaithFun #familylife #trinluth gained During a deep conversation with a friend who has different views than I on the handling of the Coronavirus, he asked […] Read More

Mar 2 – Be Thankful For Heat

3:62 – Be Thankful For Heat #faithbites #faithjourney #FirstWorldProblems heat It was in the mid 30s up to the 40s today. Not too bad, but when I got to the office it was cold. Yes, […] Read More

Feb 4 – Pray It Up

3:35 – Pray It Up #faithbites #faithjourney pray We talk about the power of prayer all the time. The truth is it works. Often when we pray for ourselves it seems to take a long […] Read More