1 Thessalonians

Hope God Tomorrow
October 19 – What Do You Hope God Does Today?

4:292 – What Do you Hope God Does Today? #faithbites #faithjourney hope Setting I was checking my email and saw an email with the subject line, “What do you hope God does today?” It really […] Read More

No words and just tears, God knows what you need.
September 6 -God Knows!

4:249 – God Knows! #faithbites #faithjourney knows Setting Have you ever tried to tell someone something and the words don’t come? Maybe you sat to pray and all you had were tears and a heavy […] Read More

September 4 – In Trouble? Pray. Happy? Sing

4:247 – In Trouble? Pray. Happy? Sing #faithbites #faithjourney trouble Setting Before COVID, I would always ask my daughter what they learned in Sunday School, and they would reply, “Jesus”. I wanted more specifics but […] Read More

Time to stop dividing and start multiplying
August 24 – Replace Division With Multiplication

4:236 – Replace Division With Multiplication #faithbites #faithjourney division Setting Mask Vs No Mask. Vaccine vs Vaccine. Truth Vs Lie. Fact Vs. Fiction. Science vs opinion. My Body, My Choice Vs My Body, My Choice. […] Read More

This image shows a quote from Dr Suess about the Waiting Place
June 23 – Is Waiting A Spectator Sport?

4:174 – Is Waiting A Spectator Sport? #faithbites #faithjourney spectator Setting What does waiting look like to you? Yesterday we talked about waiting for the Lord. For me, waiting is like being a spectator for […] Read More

April 29 – Is It Making You Better or Ill?

4:119 – Is It Making You Better or Ill? #faithbites #faithjourney ill Setting I love sweets. Give me some chocolate and I’m a happy man. I know that the excess sweets don’t make me better […] Read More

April 18 – How Can I Be An Ally?

4:108 – How Can I Be An Ally? #faithbites #faithjourney ally Setting Yesterday we talked about the importance of calling on your allies because we can’t do it alone. God has shown us over and […] Read More