May 30 – Are you Hiding In Your Headphones?
3:151 – Are You Hiding In Your Headphones?

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One of my favorite groups is Reel Big Fish. They have a funny song called, “Hiding In My Headphones“. The song is about ignoring the world and everything going on to protect yourself from the negativity.

While singing it this morning, I was wondering how many of us his in our headphones or in our own echo chambers? Do we listen only to what we want to hear? Are we shopping for “research” to support our own hypothesis? Do we even listen to what’s going on around us?

We don’t have to agree with what other people say or believe. But if we aren’t listening, how can we help? If we don’t hear, how can we build relationships? The answer is, we can’t.

Let’s take off our headphones and exit out echo chambers. You will be surprised how God works through you.


We love our God and trust him. He puts people in our lives to help us grow. If we don’t listen to those people, we can be turning our back on what God wants us to learn. We are constantly growing and we test and keep what is good.

Part of that growth is leaving our comfort zone. We need to take off the headphones, leave our echo chambers, and be ready to be challenged. Our response shouldn’t be to put up our defenses but listen and grown. This helps us build relations and plant seeds for the future.


Talk to one person who is of a different mindset than you. Be open and listen. Build that relationship even if you don’t agree with them.


Father God, help us listen and not speak. Help us to step outside our echo chambers and take off our headphones. These are our brothers and sisters whom you command us to love. Let us be open, nonjudgmental, and listen. We may not agree, but let us decipher the why’s behind their actions and thoughts. Let us love them and share you with others. In your name, Amen.

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