1 Thessalonians

March 30 – Appreciated, Your Way

4:89 – Appreciated, Your Way #faithbites #faithjourney appreciated Setting Some days you feel like a good parents, sometimes not so much, and others you just nail it. Last night was one of them. For the […] Read More

Spread Joy
March 25 – Spread Joy

4:84 – Spread Joy #faithbites #faithjourney spread Setting This morning while getting my vaccine, I was talking to the nurse who gave me my shot. She said she loved my energy. All I did was […] Read More

March 10 – Sleeping In The Light? Wake Up!

4:69 – Sleeping In The Light? Wake Up? #faithbites #faithjourney wake Setting Good morning, time to wake Up! Jesus works! On the way to my doctor’s office today, I was listening to WCIC and they […] Read More

Are You Giving Someone A Boost?
February 11 – Boost Someone Up

4:42 – Boost Someone Up #faithbites #faithjourney boast Setting During my morning shower, the song, When You’re Good To Momma, from Chicago the Musical popped into my head. The lyrics that hit home today are, […] Read More

Nov 26 – Thanks In All Things

3:331 – Thanks In All Things #faithbites #faithjourney thanks Setting Happy Thanksgiving. We will keep this really short. No matter your circumstances, give thanks in all things. That’s it. No only if things are good […] Read More

Nov 9 – Flip The Script

3:314 – Flip The Script #faithbites #faithjourney script Setting It was 4:30 A.M. my daughter rhad crawled into bed crying for the second time that tonight. My dog was now up and wanting to play, […] Read More

Nov 5 – Believe – What Does It Mean?

3:310 – Believe – What Does It Mean? #faithbites #faithjourney believe Setting Last night, after a rough day, I posted on Facebook, that I believe that there are two Americas. I said that based on […] Read More