Spread Joy
March 25 – Spread Joy
4:84 – Spread Joy

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This morning while getting my vaccine, I was talking to the nurse who gave me my shot. She said she loved my energy. All I did was laugh and share joy with her.

In the past, I shared many memes and stories and commented on many charged issues. While these meant well, sometimes they weren’t the kindest or done with love. I realize the world isn’t full of sunshine, puppy dogs, and unicorns. There is hurt sadness and loss. We can choose how we address these issues and how we look at one another. I’m choosing to spread joy, how about you?

Today’s Questions: How can you influence those around you by sharing joy instead of anger? What can you do to create a joyful atmosphere that builds rather than harms relationships?


The Lord wants us to be happy and live in peace and harmony. He wants us to rejoice. Sure, there are things that get us down and we need to address them. But, there are ways to do that at helpful and those that are not.

This morning while taking a shower, I was getting ticked off that the water always goes cold before I’m done. I get mad at this every day. Is getting mad going to change it? No. But if I let it get to me, it can ruin my day. Instead, I’m choosing to think about what I can do to fix it, even if it’s small like timing my shower to end before the water.

That may seem like a trivial example but life is joyful. We can choose to spread His Word and His joy in all we do.

As we close, remember, we will have trials and tribulations. Things won’t always be good. But we have a choice to look to God, see his greatness, and spread it to all.


Lord Jesus, we ask for your help. We can easily get bogged down in what we are bothered with and what makes us angry. We share that anger with others and can often take it out on them. Your love is so much stronger than all of that. Help us to spread your love and joy over everything. We pray for this and thank you for everything you do for us. In your name, Amen.

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