Month: August 2020

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Aug 17 – Is Your But Getting In The Way?

3:230 – Is Your But Getting In the Way? #faithbites #faithjourney but Setting “I like this dinner, but the veggies are too salty”. “Our country is good but it has too many problems.”. “This movie […] Read More

Aug 16 – All Means All

  3:229 – All Means All #faithbites #faithjourney all Setting I was moved today by our Pastor’s sermon today entitled: You Are All One in Christ Jesus. In this message, it doesn’t matter where we came […] Read More

Respect one another
Aug 15 – Respect One Another

3:228 – Respect One Another #faithbites #faithjourney respect Setting I was trying to take a well-deserved nap this afternoon, and my youngest kept waking me up. I asked her if it was nice to wake […] Read More

Aug 14 – Hello, Friend

3:227 – Hello, Friend #faithbites #faithjourney hello Setting I knew I wanted to write about friendship today but was coming up empty. I’m a little emotionally drained as it’s been a long week. Today was […] Read More

Aug 13 – No Worries, Mate

3:226 – No Worries, Mate #faithbites #faithjourney worries Setting One of my most used phrases is, “No Worries”. I say this a lot when someone apologies to me for something they did wrong or a […] Read More

You Are Not Less Than
Aug 12 – Feeling Less Than

3:225 – Feeling Less Than #faithbites #faithjourney less Setting Today, I woke up early with a near panic attack. No trigger, no warning, just anxiety gone crazy. Took some meds and still wasn’t feeling like […] Read More

Challenge with Kindness
Aug 11 – Pray for Our Leaders

3:224 – Pray For Our Leaders #faithbites #faithjourney leaders Setting Being a letter isn’t easy. You may voluntarily take the job but doing it is not voluntary. Then no matter what you chose there will […] Read More