Month: March 2020

Mar 10 – Growing For Tomorrow

3:70 – Growing For Tomorrow #faithbites #faithjourney growing During lunch today, some of my colleagues were talking about their garden plans for the spring/summer. It’s almost that time again. Time for the indoor sprouting of […] Read More

Never give up on anyonbody.
Mar 9 – I Won’t Quit On You

3:69 – I Won’t Give Up On You #faithbites #faithjourney Quit No matter what you say, what you do, what you have done, or what you are thinking, I will never give up on you. […] Read More

Mar 8 – Do Not Be Afraid

3:68 – Do Not Be Afraid #faithbites #faithjourney Afraid Today in church, I heard that the Bible says Do Not Be Afraid 365 times, which is a reminder for us not to be fear. I […] Read More

Mar 7 – God, I’m Supposed To Be Like This Right?

3:67 – God, I’m Supposed To Be Like This Right? #faithbites #faithjourney supposed I often wonder if I’m weird, strange, or stupid. The reason for this is I don’t see things like many do. I […] Read More

Mar 6 – The Bad Thoughts

3:66 – The Bad Thoughts #faithbites #faithjourney #nostigma bad Do you ever have bad thoughts? Thoughts you know are wrong and are sickened but them? Thoughts about actions you might take but fight against because […] Read More

Mar 5 – Bump, Set, Spike

3:65 – Bump, Set, Spike #faithbites #faithjourney bump Today was my eldest’s last night volleyball camp. She really liked it and wants to join a team. As it was the last night, the parents got […] Read More

Mar 4 – Kindness Always Wins

3:64 – Kindness Always Wins #faithbites #faithjourney kindness I know I’ve said this before, but how hard is it to be nice? Calling someone names, insulting someone’s intelligence, acting like your way is the only […] Read More