Month: January 2019

January 17 – Listening without expectation

2:17 – Listening without expectation #faithbites #faithjourney expectation As people, we communicate all the time. We talk to be heard. We talk to share information, build consensus, nurture ideas, fight, debate, and more. Sometimes though, […] Read More

January 16 – Man of Steel or Man of Tissue: Being Vulnerable

2:16 – Man of Steel of Man of Tissue Paper: Being Vulnerable #faithbites #faithjourney vulnerable Look in the sky. It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s Superman. Of all the superheroes out there, Superman has […] Read More

January 15 – I Made Myself Angry

2:15 – I Made Myself Angry #faithbites #faithjourney Angry This #faithbite is going to the pot calling the kettle black or an example where I should practice what I preach, but here goes nothing. The […] Read More

January 14 – My Day Sucks More Than Yours

2:14 – My Day Sucks More Than Yours #faithbites #faithjourney sucks Today was not a good day. The kids were grumping, my knee was hurting, I had to shovel more snow, the campus was icy, […] Read More

January 13 – I am… Baptized. Connected. Flawless.

2:13 – I am…Baptized. Connected. Flawless. #faithbites #faithjourney baptized When I was younger I thought that getting baptized was getting some water on your head, or dunked depending on your church. I thought it was […] Read More

January 12 – I’m Giving Her All She’s Got Captain

2:12 – I’m Giving Her All She’s Got Captain #faithbites #faithjourney Captain Have you ever had one of those days when you are pushing your engines as hard as you can and it seems like […] Read More

January 11 – Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse

2:11 – Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse #faithbites #faithjourney Milhouse When some of you read the title of this faithbite you got it right away. Other’s thought, “Who the heck is Milhouse”. Well he’s a character […] Read More