Month: January 2019

January 10 – Did You Show Up Late To The Party?

2:10 – Did You Show Up Late To The Party? #faithbites #faithjourney party I remember several years ago when a new song would come on the radio. I would call my brother in Los Angeles […] Read More

January 9 – After Many Edits, Still Not Good Enough

2:9 – After Many Edits, Still Not Good Enough #faithbites #faithjourney #RoadtoEdD Edits Tonight I was incorporating peer feedback into my dissertation draft. As I was doing that, I noticed “older” parts of the paper […] Read More

January 8 – Walls Divide. Love Multiplies

2:8 – Walls Divide. Love Multiplies #faithbites #faithjourney walls “Build the Wall”. “We Don’t Need A Wall”. These are refrains we hear more and more everyday. Maybe it’s not a wall but a fence or […] Read More

January 7 – Are you Hiding in Your Headphones?

2:7 – Are You Hiding In Your Headphones? #faithbites #faithjourney Headphones Walking down the streets of Chicago, I see most people with there eyes on their screens and their ears covered in their headphones. In […] Read More

January 6 – What Presents Did You Get For Christmas?

2:6 – What Presents Did you Get For Christmas #faithbites #faithjourney presents Christmastime is a great time for giving and receiving of presents. Did you get everything on your list? I was extremely blessed with […] Read More

January 5 – Challenge Complete. Next!

2:5 – Challenge Complete. Next! #faithbites #faithjourney Challenge Today marks a big day for me. In November of 2017, a friend of mine who shared scripture every day said he was leaving Facebook. I told […] Read More

January 4 – Let’s Have a Dance Party

2:4 – Let’s Have a Dance Party #faithbites #faithjourney dance The music comes on. Your foot starts to tap. One at first, then the second. Before you know it, you are in full dance mode. […] Read More