January 19 – Saying Goodbye

Todays Bible Lesson is about saying goodbye. Today we lay my grandma¬†Nancy¬†to rest. She lived a long life, almost 92 years. She was a warm spirit of God. She loved everyone, cared for everyone, and […] Read More

January 18 – Warmth and Compassion

Todays Bible Lesson is one on warmth and compassion. I understand God made us all different with different strengths and abilities. I know what we all respond to events differently, some warmer and some cooler. […] Read More

January 17 – Remembering and Memories

Todays Bible Lesson is one on remembering and memories. Since I heard of Grandma’s passing, after the initial period of regret, I began to remember all the times we had. Her constantly telling me she […] Read More

January 16 – Loss

Todays Bible Lesson is one on loss. Death sucks. On one hand, it is a homecoming. You get to be one with the Lord. His promises of redemption and everlasting life are fulfilled. At the […] Read More

January 15 – Regret

Todays Bible Lesson is one of regret. Regret sucks. We go through life and make choices. Choices to serve. Choices for self. Choices for others. We can’t do everything or be everything to everybody and […] Read More

January 14 – Transition

Todays Bible Lesson is one of transition. At church today, our senior pastor said he was retiring next year and we need to look at transition. In my life, I’ve transitioned from one career path […] Read More

January 13 – Mental Health

Todays Bible Lesson: I’ve been open about my mental health and one thing that is hard is when you left everything related to your mental health. For instance, when my body isn’t feeling good, I […] Read More