January 17 – Remembering and Memories

Todays Bible Lesson is one on remembering and memories. Since I heard of Grandma’s passing, after the initial period of regret, I began to remember all the times we had. Her constantly telling me she wasn’t going to be around long, and me telling her she’d outlive us all. Our walks on Saturday morning to her beauty shop, then to Mervins, the thrift shop, and lunch. So many memories. When I normally think about my childhood, I have bad memories. Most who know me know I don’t even talk about it much. But at the same time, when I concentrate I can remember the good.
This dichotomy led me to the Bible to think about memories. From there, I went to a book I have never heard of: The Book of Haggai.
“Ask them, ‘Who of you is left who saw this house in its former glory? How does it look to you now? Does it not seem to you like nothing?” – Haggai 2:3
The house in question is the first temple of the Jews. This was after the destruction and as prophets, we’re trying to get the second one built. While there was a host of reasons not to rebuild, to me this speaks of not living in the past so much that you can’t move forward. Also that the good old days, may not have been so good. We need to remember the great times with loved ones, and the bad, all while using those experiences not to hinder us, but to help us move forward.
Even though I am sad and hurt, I will do as Grandma told me and live my life, always moving forward.

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