March 10 – Sleeping In The Light? Wake Up!

4:69 – Sleeping In The Light? Wake Up? #faithbites #faithjourney wake Setting Good morning, time to wake Up! Jesus works! On the way to my doctor’s office today, I was listening to WCIC and they […] Read More

March 9 – God Said It, I Believe It

4:68 – God Said It, I Believe It #faithbites #faithjourney believe Setting It’s been a couple of rough days. Pain, stress, and just a general lack of feeling good. When that happens to me, my […] Read More

god has your back
February 26 – God Has Your Back. Don’t Worry!

4:57 – God Has Your Back. Don’t Worry! #faithbites #faithjourney back Setting I was sitting here on a Zoom meeting to end the day with work and realized I had nothing to write for #fiathbites. […] Read More

February 20 – Keep Fighting For The Truth

4:51 – Keep Fighting For The truth #faithbites #faithjourney #fighting Setting Today’s, verse of the day is Matthew 5:6 which says, “God blesses those who hunger and thirst for justice, for they will be satisfied.” […] Read More

Love Vs Fear
January 11 – Fearful Heart, Loving Heart

4:11 – Fearful Heart, Loving Heart #faithbites #faithjourney heart Setting “Armed protests planned at all state capitols” “2 Capitol Police officers suspended and another individual arrested for their alleged roles in riot” “As the world […] Read More

Dec 25 – Merry Christmas – Something New

3:360 – Merry Christmas – Something New! #faithbites #faithjourney Christmas Setting Merry Christmas Everyone. Blessings and Greetings. I have had a quiet small family Christmas. It’s not the normal Christmas and that’s ok. Sometimes we […] Read More

tired and hopeful
Dec 10 – Worn Out And Hopeful

3:345 – Worn Out And Hopeful #faithbites #faithjourney worn Setting Today, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Anxiety about our work virtual Christmas party took over. I know, it’s stupid, but […] Read More