August 8 – You Aren’t A Build-A-Bear

4:223 – You Aren’t A Build-A-Bear #faithbites #faithjourneying build-a-bear Setting Lately, I have been thinking a lot about how God made me who I am. If it’s letting my freak flag fly, not conforming to […] Read More

Are you making a list?
July 31 – Making a List

4:212 – Making a List #faithbites #faithjourney list Setting My mind is always racing. I’ve found making to-do lists helpful. The problem I have is for every one thing I cross off my list, I […] Read More

Fighting the forces of evil
July 29 – Us Vs The Forces of Evil

4:211 – Us Vs The Forces of Evil #faithbites #faithjourney sources Setting Today a friend posted a meme that said we should stop government handouts because everyone is hiring and people need to work. I […] Read More

July 24 – God Will Make It Happen

4:205 – God Will Make It Happen #faithbites #faithjourney make Setting I’m pretty exhausted from working the swim meet in 90+ degree weather. For today’s #faithbites, we turn it over to the verse of the […] Read More

Why do we do what we do?
July 22 – Why Are We Doing What We Are Doing?

4:203 – Why Are We Doing What We Are Doing? #faithbites #faithjourney doing Setting A few times throughout the year, I question why I am doing what I’m doing. This includes writing #faithbites and just […] Read More

When God is In Control Nothing is out of control
July 17 – Taking Control Vs Giving It To God

4:198 – Taking Control Vs Giving It To God #faithbites #faithjourney control Setting Tomorrow I will start that diet. Tomorrow I will clean the house and get a better schedule. My health is important, I’m […] Read More

Waiting on the Lord
June 22 – Waiting for the Lord!

4:173 – Waiting for the Lord! #faithbites #faithjourney waiting Setting If I could sum up the past month or so, it would be change. Work colleagues leaving, close friends moving or potentially moving away, relatives […] Read More