December 1 – Congrats! You Did It!

4:335 – Congrats! You Did It! #faithbites #faithjourney congrats Setting Today, as I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw a friend had completed a major milestone. Instead of just commenting on his post, I picked […] Read More

November 19 – Notes of Love and Support

4:323 – Notes of Love and Support #faithbites #faithjourney notes Setting As a kid, did you ever open up your lunch and there was a note from Mom or Dad saying how much they loved […] Read More

Feels good. We can feel good and be empathetic
September 27 – Feels Good

4:270 – Feels Good #faithbites #faithjourney feels Setting My kids used to watch a show called Henry Danger, and the main character’s catchphrase was “Feels Good”. I was thinking about it this morning when someone […] Read More

Are you supported?
September 21 – Love, Cherished, and Supported Part 2

4:264 – Love, Cherished, and Supported Part 2 #faithbites #faithjourney Supported Setting I was driving home yesterday and saw a sign that said: “Support your Veterans” and was an ad for the Veteran’s Association. That […] Read More

August 28 – Pouring In, Bleeding Out

4:240 – Pouring In, Bleeding Out #faithbites #faithjourney pouring Setting On Thursday night I cut my finger making dinner. I had put on a bandaid and had a Zoom meeting with some students. During the […] Read More

August 22 – Jesus is My LIVING Hope

4:234 – Jesus is My LIVING Hope #faithbites #faithjoirney living Setting Yesterday, I heard a term that was new to me, progress Christianity. The term progressive isn’t the same a political progressive but it means […] Read More

Religion vs faith
July 25 – Struggling with Religion, Not Faith

4:206 – Struggling with Religion, Not Faith #faithbites #faithjourney struggling Setting A few days ago, a friend called me a religious person. My response was I’m not religious but spiritual. I have a deep faith […] Read More