4/10 – The human side of church

5:100 – The human side of church #faithbites #faithjourney human Intro I love God and have a strong and evolving faith. This post may rub some people the wrong way and I apologize. The other […] Read More

4/4 – Happy Birthday

5:94 – Happy Birthday #faithbites #faithjourney #faithbiteslite birthday Thank you all for the birthday wishes. This has been a pretty good day. Hundreds of wishes, coffee, great presents, great family, and just a day to […] Read More

4/3 – You are restored!

5:93 – You are restored #faithbites #faithjourney restored Intro Today’s church service focused on restoration and being restored. We talk about restoring cars, houses, businesses, downtowns, but do we talk about restoring ourselves? When I […] Read More

Love the unbeliever
4/2 – You don’t believe in God?

5:92 – You don’t believe in God? #faithbites #faithjourney believe Intro During lunch, today, my youngest and one of her friends had a conversation. My youngest said to her friend, “You don’t believe in God?” […] Read More

We need our community to support us
4/1 – We Can’t Do It Alone. No Joking

5:91 – We Can’t Do It Alone. No Joking #faithbites #faithjourney joking Intro Happy April Fools, Day! I was thinking of some practical joke or something to kick off this #faithbites, but none here as […] Read More

3/31 – Joy to the world

5:90 – Joy to the world #faithbites #faithjourney joy Intro Did you know that I have a friend named Jeremiah? He was a bullfrog and a good friend of mine. He also had some mighty […] Read More

Do you accept the applause
3/30 – Accept the Applause

5:89 – Accept the Applause #faithbites #faithjourney applause Intro Today the news was made official that I was elected to the Board of Directors for the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE). This is […] Read More