January 24 – It’s Not In My Head

5:24 – It’s Not In My Head #faithbites #faithjourney head Intro Covid has me questioning lots of things. What S real vs what’s in my head. I have been questioning because eine minute I will […] Read More

Expectations Too Great
January 23 – Great Expectations

5:23 – Great Expectations #faithbites #faithjourney expectations Intro If you ask what my greatest fault is, I would say I have two. One is I am too nice and let people walk on me and […] Read More

January 16 – Serve When Called

5:16 – Serve When Called #faithbites #faithjourney serve Intro Tdya II was sitting in the balcony of my daughter’s swim meet. The announcer came over the loud speaker and said they were short timers. I […] Read More

January 6 – Recognize Authority

5:6 – Recognize Authority #faithbites #faithjourney recognize Intro Yesterday we talked about following God’s laws and following God. Today, we are going a bit deeper to talk about authority. Just as we don’t like laws […] Read More

January 5 – Without A Leader, We Run Rogue

5:5 – Without A Leader, We Run Rogue #faithbites #faithjourney leader Introduction Most of us don’t want someone to tell us what to do. I can relate. Bering free to do whatever you can can […] Read More

December 31 – Tommorow Is a New Year…

4:365 – Tommorow Is A New Year #faithbites #faithjourney Year Setting Happy New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow we will talk about the New Year, but right now, we will just turn it to God and focus […] Read More

Festivus and grievances
December 23 – Festivus For The Rest Of Us?

4:357 – Festivus For The Rest Of Us #faithbites #faithjourney Festivus Setting Happy December 23 or as they celebrate in Seinfeld, Festivus. It’s a holiday created for the show that snubs its nose at the […] Read More