Month: March 2021

Start The Conversation
March 17 – Let’s Have A Conversation

4:76 – Let’s Have A Conversation #faithbites #faithjourney conversation Setting I have fond memories of my first two years of college. Several nights were spent deep in religious and political conversation with my floormates. We […] Read More

Start Here, Start Now
March 16 – Start Right Here

4:75 – Start Right Here #faithbites #faithjourney start Setting I often wonder what tomorrow is going to bring. Am I living the way God wants? Am I doing what I should be? I’m not sure […] Read More

March 15 – Belonging Or Fitting In

4:74 – Belonging or Fitting In? #faithbites #faithjourney belonging Setting Last night, I posted on Facebook wondering if the feeling of being abnorm and the desire to fit in ever goes away. The discussion was […] Read More

Enjoy life and have fun.
March 14 – Because It Was Fun!

4:73 – Because It Was Fun! #faithbites #faithjourney fun Setting I enjoy 3D printing. Sometimes it’s not practical but it is fun. Last night, I printed a wicker basket to store our masks in rather […] Read More

breaking bread
March 13- Breaking Bread. It Can Happen Anywhere

4:72 – Breaking Bread. It Can Happen Anywhere #faithbites #faithjourney bread Setting This afternoon, my wife and I had a break from the kids, thanks to a friend, and strolled through Hobby Lobby. I saw […] Read More

March 12 – All Sins Are Bad. Confess and Be Healed

4:70 – All Sins Are Bad. Confess and Be Healed #faithbites #faithjourney confess Setting Through #faithbites, my social media presence, and in person, I often confess my sins. I know that I am broken, and […] Read More

Under The Weather
March 11 – Feeling Under The Weather

4:70 – Feeling Under The Weather #faithbites #faithjourney weather Setting Today is one of those days that my father would say, “My get up and go has got up and left”. I’m exhausted, tired, and […] Read More