Month: July 2020

July 4 – Freedom Isn’t Free

3:186 – Freedom Isn’t Free #faithbites #faithjourney freedom Happy Independence Day, America. This is the day back in 1776 when a bunch of traitors declared their independence from a tyrannical government. We have the country […] Read More

July 3 – And I Screwed Up Again

3:185 – And I Screwed Up Again #faithbites #faithjourney screwed So this #faithbites was going to be about something else and then I screwed up again. Yelled again twice when I shouldn’t have. I apologize […] Read More

July 2 – I Want To Buy

3:184 – I Want To Buy #faithbites #faithjourney buy So, we are on vacation and my.kida, especially my youngest, wants to buy everything. It doesn’t matter what it is, everything is “I’ve always wanted this”. […] Read More

July 1 – Are You Feeling A Little Wonky?

3:183 – Are You Feeling A Little Wonky? #faithbites #faithjourney wonky The word “Wonky” has been in my head last since last nice as in “I’m feeling a little wonky”. If you aren’t familiar with […] Read More