Month: July 2020

Is Anybody out there?
July 11 – Is Anybody Out There?

3:193 – Is Anybody out there? #faithbites #faithjourney anybody Setting Do you ever wonder if anyone is listening to you when you speak or post on social media? Are you like me looking for the […] Read More

July 10 – People Are Dumb

3:192 – People Are Dumb #faithbites #faithjourney dumb I’m sitting poolside listening to the kids ages 6,9,10,11. They were talking about behaving and then it got to wearing masks. My daughter said people are dumb […] Read More

July 9 – Being Perfect Isn’t Required

3:191 – Being Perfect Isn’t Required #faithbites #faithjourney perfect Setting Today, my kids and I were recording a lesson for our online Vacation Bible School. Let’s just say, it was far from perfect. Kids messing […] Read More

July 8 – Help, I Need Somebody

3:190 – Help, I Need Somebody #faithbites #faithjourney help This morning my dog had me up early. So we went in a walk, empties and loaded the dishwasher, took out the trash, and washed the […] Read More

July 7 – Pretending Is Exhausting

3:189 – Pretending Is Exhausting #faithbites #faithjourney pretending Yesterday, we talked about how people may be sick or in pain but “look ok“. We also discussed how like sickness and pain, we are all commit […] Read More

You don't look like a sinner
July 6 – You Don’t Look Sick

3:188 – You Don’t Look Sick #faithbites #faithjourney sick Setting I was walking the dog this morning and had a good conversation with my neighbor. When I walked away, I realized that she probably had […] Read More

July 5 – It Gets Better At The End

3:187 – It Gets Better At The End #faithbites #faithjourney end Have you ever started a show or a movie and wanted to turn it off because it was bad only to hear a friend […] Read More