Month: July 2020

Cut The Clutter
July 17 – Purge the Clutter

3:199 – Purge the Clutter #faithbites #faithjourney #clutter Setting Maybe I have a little Marie Kondo in me, but lately, I’ve felt the need to clear out the clutter. If it doesn’t bring me joy, […] Read More

Are You Seeking Joy?
July 16 – What Brings You Joy?

  3:198 – What Brings You Joy? #faithbites #faithjourney joy Setting Let’s make an assumption that everyone wants to be happy. It may not apply to everybody, but I wanted to level set. If we all […] Read More

July 15 – It’s Ok To Change Your Mind

3:197 – It’s Ok To Change Your Mind #faithbites #faithjourney mind Setting I am stubborn. I can be like a dog with a bone sometimes. It’s not that I try to be but I am […] Read More

July 14 – Faith Bubbling

3:196 – Faith Bubbling #faithbites #faithjourney bubbling Setting All of us are all too familiar with the concept of social distancing. We need to stay at least 6 feet away from people. We’ve seen videos […] Read More

July 13 – Happiest Scriptures

3:196 – Happiest Scriptures #faithbites #faithjourney scripture I’ve been feeling out of sorts lately. Maybe it’s the world condition, maybe it’s being home from the pandemic, maybe it’s my mental health meds, maybe I’m just […] Read More

How do you see the world?
July 13 – How Do You See The World?

3:195 – How Do You See the World? #faithbites #faithjourney world Setting This morning, after taking my dog for a walk, I let him hang out on the deck. He sat there motionless just staring […] Read More

July 12 – I Don’t Want To Adult Today

3:194 – I Don’t Want To Adult Today #faithbites #faithjourney adult Last night was a rough night: bad storm, kid in my bed, kid in the hallway at 3:00 am waking up dog, and dog […] Read More