Month: July 2020

July 24 – It’s Not About The Who

3:206 – It’s Not About The Who #faithbites #faithjourney who I was watching a new episode of the Twilight Zone where a person had scale model of a town and whatever he did to the […] Read More

July 23 – First, It Hurts

3:205 – First, It Hurts Setting #faithbites #faithjourney hurts Yesterday, I received an injection in my back. Let me tell you it hurt like the Dickens. The numbing medicine was very painful then it got […] Read More

July 22 – Ok God, I Hear You!

3:204 – Ok God, I Hear You! #faithbites #fairhourney God Do you ever feel that you keep going through the same thing over and over and it gets harder each time? I was having a […] Read More

quality time
July 21 – Do You Make Time For Those Who Matter?

3:203 – Do You Make Time For Those Who Matter? #faithbites #faithjourney matter Setting I had been working on a project for a while and made arrangements to present it to a larger group. When […] Read More

Red Alert, Shields Up
July 20 – Shields Up, Red Alert

3:202 – Shields Up, Red Alert #faithbites #faithjourney Alert Setting I have always loved Star Trek. Maybe it was because my Dad marched on Burbank Studios in the 60s to keep it on the air […] Read More

July 19 – Are You Hypervigalant for Your Neighbor?

3:201 – Are You Hypervigilant for Neighbor? #faithbites #faithjourney hypervigalant My brother and I were talking this afternoon about traits we have in common. A big one is how we are emotionally tuned into people. […] Read More

July 18 – It’s Too….

3:200 – It’s too…. #faithbites #faithjourney too I live in a place where we have lots of change in weather. In the summer, it feels like your face is going to melt. In winter, the […] Read More