Month: December 2018

December 24 – Hark The Grandpa Harold Sing or What is Impact?

358 – Hark the Grandpa Harold Sing or What is Impact? #faithbites #faithjourney harold Tonight during our Christmas Eve service, I was helping the young ones get ready for the live nativity scene. Right before […] Read More

December 23 – Are You A Champion?

357 – Are You a Champion? #faithbites #faithjourney Champion Imagine this. You are engaged to a woman. You both decided to wait until marriage to have relations. The day of your wedding is approaching and […] Read More

December 22 – Memorization or Internalization

356 – Memorization or Internalization #faithbites #faithjourney internalization One of the weekly assignments my eldest has is to memorize scripture. She studies it, recites it, and gets a sticker for it. I’ve asked her if […] Read More

December 21 – The Longest Night or A New Season?

355 – The Longest Night or A New Season? #faithbites #faithjourney season December 21 is the first day of Winter. A new season of cold, snow, Christmas, New Year, and a time to reflect on […] Read More

December 20 – Trust But Verify (Part II)

354 – Trust But Verify (Part II) #faithbites #faithjourney Verify You might remember that back in September I wrote a #faithbite entitled Trust But Verify. That message was about not bearing false witness and listening […] Read More

December 19 – Why Do I have to be in Charge?

353 – Why Do I have to be in Charge? #faithbites #faithjourney charge If you know me at all, you know I’m a person of action. I like to get things done, be infront of […] Read More

December 18 – Letting Go of Mistakes

352 – Letting Go of Mistakes #faithbites #faithjourney mistakes Working in a college is invigorating for me. I love to see how students develop, grow, and where they go in life. In medical school, there […] Read More