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Yin Yang Symbol of Harmony
2/1 – Seeking Balance or Harmony?

5:33 – Seeking Balance or Harmony? #faithbites #faithjourney harmony Intro I often talk about trying to seek a balance in my life. Do you? Maybe it’s a work/life, spend/save, family/self, work/play, or any other balance. […] Read More

January 24 – It’s Not In My Head

5:24 – It’s Not In My Head #faithbites #faithjourney head Intro Covid has me questioning lots of things. What S real vs what’s in my head. I have been questioning because eine minute I will […] Read More

Recognition is Ok
January 7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right

5:7 – Getting Noticed For Doing What’s Right #faithbites #faithjourney noticed Intro If you talk about the five love languages, one of mine is appreciation. I like to know that what I do matters and […] Read More

January 6 – Recognize Authority

5:6 – Recognize Authority #faithbites #faithjourney recognize Intro Yesterday we talked about following God’s laws and following God. Today, we are going a bit deeper to talk about authority. Just as we don’t like laws […] Read More

December 13 – Good Becuause Of God

4:347 – Good Because Of God #faithbites #faithjourney Good Setting I was walking out of Panera this morning and saw a car with this sticker in the window. The funny thing was I wasn’t supposed […] Read More

Come to the source
December 2 – Going to the Source for Answers

4:336 – Going to the Source for Answers #faithbites #faithjourney source Setting When you are sick or something feels off, do you search the web for answers? It’s ok, we all do it. Have you […] Read More

You Are Majestic
November 29 – Not Perfect And Still Majestic!

4:333 – Not Perfect AND Still Majestic! #faithbites #faithjourney Majestic Setting Let’s face it, are any of us really in the physical shape we want to be? How bout the mental shape we want to […] Read More