Old Testament

February 14 – Gratitude

Today’s lesson is on Gratitude. I try to be a grateful person. I don’t always succeed. Today I started a six-week lunchtime class from our Wellness Center on Gratitude. The first lesson was to try […] Read More

February 13 – Witness Part 2

Today we continue the discussion on being a witness. Talking about my faith is near and dear to my heart. There are so many things I don’t know. I can’t quote scripture off the top […] Read More

February 10 – Is Jesus Real?

Today’s lesson: Is Jesus Real? I know this is a provocative question. Some say “Yes”, without a second thought. Others say “no”, without a second thought. Still, others are confused. Even some say, “I just […] Read More

February 8 – The Others Part 2

Today’s lesson continues on the theme of the Others from yesterday. I have been thinking more and more about “the Others” and how we treat them. I do not agree with anyone on everything. Even […] Read More

February 5 – Platonic Relationships

Today’s lesson is about platonic relationships and how valuable they can be. Many know me as very outgoing, willing to strike up a conversation with anyone and everyone. What most don’t know is I have […] Read More

February 3 – Evolving Thoughts

Today’s lesson in on allowing yourself to evolve your thoughts and positions. Yesterday I posted in Facebook how I saw two different people reacting vastly different to an event in the news. One seemed to […] Read More

February 1 – Power in the Name

Today’s lesson is how you refer to your higher power. I wanted to say God Vs Jesus, but that doesn’t do it justice. I also wanted to give a warning that this post may make […] Read More