Apr 25 – Rain All Day

3:116 – Rain All Day #faithbites #faithjourney rain It has been a dreary rainy cold day here in central Illinois. It has rained non-stop all day. I’m expecting a kayak to go through my backyard […] Read More

November 13 – Helping Correct Someone with Kindness

317 –¬†Helping Correct Someone with Kindness #faithbites #faithjourney correct Here’s a shocker for all of you: I am not perfect. I eat too much, don’t exercise enough, yell more than I should, and am not […] Read More

September 25 – We Don’t Agree, but I love You

268 – We Don’t Agree, But I Love You #faithbites #faithjourney Agree In high school and college I remember having debates about religion, sex, politics, and pretty much any topic that went late into the […] Read More

August 22 – We Are All Sinful

232 – We Are All Sinful #faithbites #faithjourney sinful In yesterday’s #faithbites, we talked about loving one another no matter what. In the image I used, it talked about worshiping other Gods and about being […] Read More

July 16 – Filibuster of Faith

197 – Filibuster of Faith #Faithbites #FaithJourney Filibuster I was walking across campus today and heard preaching in front of the Alma Mater. This happens pretty regularly. A man reads out of the Bible, or […] Read More

June 27 – Judging

Judging #178of365 #FaithBites #FaithJourney Judging Today’s faithbite is inspired by the retirement of one of the US Supreme Court Judges. I try not to get political through faithbites but judging is part of our past, […] Read More

February 23 – (Dis) Abilities

Today’s lesson is about appreciating those with disabilities or other abilities. I admit when I’m driving behind someone going slow I get mad sometimes. When I’m in line at the checkout and someone is going […] Read More